Attention Women Looking To Loose At Least 5lbs
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About us

For many women, our life is consumed with a revolving hamster wheel of fad diets and fitness regimens. We sweat, sacrifice and suffer in the hopes of achieving the perfect body and as one diet fails to provide the expected results, we move on to the next. With wide bright eyes, we latch on to every captivating program that promises immediate results, only to be disappointed that we still aren’t able to fit into those jeans from ten years ago. But is it really all that complicated?

Is losing weight such a grueling and arduous process that requires us to restrict our eating and commit to endless hours of rigorous workouts all in the hopes of achieving our ideal body? 

Growing up in a community where myself and most women suffered from a variety of ailments and weight gain due to poor eating habits, child bearing, depression and or inactivity, I realized I needed to take my well being into my own hands.  

With the concept in mind that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step, I started my clean eating/conscious weight loss journey. Three years later, 30 pounds lighter, a hella lot healthier and looking like I haven't aged a day since 21 (if I might say so myself, haha) I decided to make it my purpose to help others do the same by introducing them to more healthy habits, daily workouts and simple but effective adjustments that can change their lives.

Scarlet Fitness Summer Body Weight Loss System offers workouts that can be performed anywhere and requires absolutely no gym  equipment. Additionally, the program is specially catered to busy individuals and thus is designed to function around your busy lives.

Equipped with eBooks, meal plans and a community of supporters to guide and share in your journey, this program will push you off the revolving hamster wheel of unsuccessful diet trends and lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.